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These fun and ever so good for your sensitive skin massage candles are 100% all vegan and are a delight to the your senses as well as they are to help softening your skin and making you feel more relaxed - really!

Made with Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butters along with the highest quality of Kosher Soy Wax along with 100% natural fragrance oils and organic essential oils help make these candles turning into delightful massage candles to help partners get their groove on.

This particular blend burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax which can burn the skin. 

These 6 oz candles come in a footed tin making them great for that weekend get together. They smell fantastic too!

Massage Candles Fragrances:

  • Vavoom Zen - Always a classic signature fragrance of ours made with Eucalyptus, Peppermint and a hint of Spearmint. Very refreshing, helps to alleviate muscle aches and breathing easier.
  • Spa Delight - A clean cotton-like fragrance profile with subtle floral notes you might find out in the tropics, yet delightfully grounding too. 
  • Kama Sutra - Our Ayurvedic sensual blend of exotic Rose, Fennel and warming Ginger make for an exotic blend to take you to places not experienced before. 
  • Just Shaved - Our cheeky named new fragrance is reminiscent of barber shops of long ago. Woody with notes of Bay Rum and Cedarwood make this one for the man. 
  • Spring Flirt - For lovers of Lilac, Lilies and Lily of the Valley, this one is for you. Bright floral notes delight your senses surrounding you with a large bouquet of lilies and lilacs. 
  • Kindling - This is a delicious combination of faithful Rosemary, loving Patchouli and fresh Orange making it both refreshing and warming to one's soul. 
  • Jasmine Spice - As the name suggests, this is reminiscent of the exotic night blooming Jasmine flower with notes of Sandalwood and grounding Cedarwood. Exoticly special. 

How To Use Our Massage Candles:

  • Simply light candle for 20-30 minutes. Allow the wonderful aromatherapy to do it's magic in setting up the fragrance in your room while you get things ready for the massage. Keeping the room a bit warmer than usual and darkly lit also helps to relax your partner.
  • Then blow out candle and with your partner lying down, pour a little of the melted candle 'wax' onto your palm then massage into skin with long slow strokes. Repeat as necessary. 
  • Enjoy!



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