Make Your Own Essential Oils Blends Workshop

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Make Your Own Essential Oils Blends Workshop

This fun creative and fantastic smelling workshop you will discover the magic of making your very own blend of essential oils. You will get to smell many different healing essential oils during this special workshop and learn which ones are right for you based upon your needs.

From there, we will create an unique blend for you that you will mix up using our organic essential oil supplies and apothecary bottles. You can then use your own 5ml blend in a variety of ways.

As an added bonus, your 5ml blend can then be used to make an additional body fragrance oil if you would like to or you can make your very own spray mist with your blend. (This choice is yours).

In this uplifting creative workshop, you will learn:

  • Why certain essentials blend better with other essential oils
  • Have access to our apothecary library to learn more about your chosen essential oils
  • You will create your very own 5ml blend of essential oils using our on-hand supplies.
  • If there's time, and you would like to make a second 5ml blend, we can offer you a second blend at $20 at the time of the event and if supplies allow.
  • Receive a 15% discount in my apothecary art shop during the workshop 

    Want to sign up and join in the fun? That's easy!

    Just select the date you wish to attend, the cost of this fun workshop is $38.00 if you preorder now, and $50.00 at the door. This workshop starts at 6:00 pm and lasts till 7:30-8:00 pm. Bring a friend and let's have some creative fun. 

    Light snacks will be offered and tea. BYOW is fine too. 

    Let the creativity begin! xo Leah


    The small print:
    We will offer a full refund for 48 hours notice of cancellation, which must be done by phoning our shop at 802-732-8449.

    We certainly understand that hiccups in life happen, and as we have a limited seatings available per workshop and do not wish to turn away those who'd really like to be here. Please make sure to call.
    We so appreciate your understanding and working with us.


    Live Life Organically, It's Only Natural™

    We're your little shop around the corner, your modern day New Age boutique with an organic twist for the millennium. It also smells really nice in least that's what our customers keep telling us. 



    "When I first opened up my Heart & Soul shop, I never knew it would become the beloved career I've come to love and that I'd be creating organic products that customers would so enjoy and love to use every day.
    It's been my mission, to help support my community in providing a local resource in offering holistic and alternative health products that may help heal them and make them feel better. I have always enjoyed helping people. And sometimes, you simply have to listen and act upon to that inner calling. It will do the world some good!" - Leah Quinn 

    Founded back in 2012, Heart & Soul answered that inner calling of mine to support our organic-loving community with artisan hand-crafted, reiki-charged organic and all natural and holistic products & services. I had one goal in mind: be true to my heart and soul with anything I produced and curated to offer at my shop. This still is very true today.

    Hi, I'm Leah, the owner of Heart & Soul. I am also an artist, designer, chef and organic gardener. Being creative everyday while helping people be and become the best they can be is a true joy. I love to educate and share my art in its many forms with the world.

    What's It Like To Work Here?

    Working here is just half the fun. I adore making new products and doing the research for just the right combination of essential oils and raw ingredients to create unique and luxurious line of body care products, teas, spices and herbal oils.

    My products are crafted in small batches ensuring the highest quality and are designed to help assist you in your healing and in becoming your best healthiest self.

    Plus I do have loads of fun in naming the products, usually with a sense of humor, like 'Tame Your Flame', a natural body spray mist that assists in shortening the duration of one's hot flashes. (P.S. - We have a hard time keeping this in stock - it works!)  Or 'Yo Easy Aunt Flo', our unique essential oil blend that gently reduces those aches and pains associated with the monthly menstruations. I kid you not!

    I insist on providing only the best available raw goods for everything I create and produce ensuring each batch is perfectly made with Heart & Soul.

    I also make sure every ingredient I resource are 100% certified and fair trade. About 85% all of our raw goods are currently resourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

    Do You Like to make your own natural body care? I got your supplies!

    I help you resource organic and fair-trade goods in making your own herbal recipes as well. Need an ounce of heather or mugwort? Need extra containers to house your lip balms? I have the containers you need.

    • Currently I carry over 90 Herbs
    • 80 organic and therapeutic grade essential oils
    • Carrier oils such as rosehip seed oil and sunflower oil and the like
    • Butters and Waxes
    • Containers For Your Own Products

    Heart & Soul's Line of Organic Products:

    (needless to say, these are all organic, no parabens, alcohols, phosphates, or naughty ingredients. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan if not vegetarian and never ever tested on animals.) 

    • Spices & Herb Blends for the culinary chef who knows!
    • Apothecary Herbs
    • Loose Leaf Teas for health
    • Essential Oils & Blends (Therapeutic Grade)
    • Massage Oils
    • Aromatherapy Spray MIsts for the Face, Body & Rooms
    • Detox Bath Soaking Salts & Body Scrubs
    • Incense & Smudging Supplies 

    Why Choose Heart & Soul Products?

    I take great care in finding fair-trade and certified organic ingredients as a base from which I prepare and create my teas, spice blends, apothecary and aromatherapy products because I know you care what goes into your body and onto your body. It matters! 

    By careful research and great care to what I put into my artisan crafted goods, I provide natural alternative products that are safe for you, baby, family and of course our loving pets. Oh and they smell really good too!

    We use no chemicals, parabens and are products are always 100% alcohol-free. With our first store in Beacon NY, we have now moved to beautiful Bellows Falls, VT in the town of Rockingham. We also sell both online and wholesale to retailers, health care professionals, and more!

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