Art Coaching with Leah Quinn

Product Description

Receive a one hour long private coaching session with Leah Quinn.

This coaching session is all about you.

Learn and be guided with exactly you are looking to accomplish in your art career.

  • Need help to learn how to embed products into your site?
  • What about a complete review of your website, portfolio or other work you might need a second eye to look at and help you choose what looks best in marketing your amazing art?
  • Having issues with creating a design or have specific questions on how to handle certain design issues that relate to surface pattern design creation?

How does this work?

Once I receive your order for your private coaching session, I will usually respond in 48 hours if not sooner. Upon which we will determine a time that is best for both of us. 

You will receive a second email upon confirmation of schedule date and session with a link to use for our private one on one session as these are held online using the Zoom software platform. Zoom allows us to not only speak to one another in real time, we can also share screens so that I can see your work on your computer screen or visa-versa. 

So let the creativity begin, and jump start your art career today!


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