Readings with Leah Quinn

Product Description

I have helped countless people and assisted them to improve their outlook on life and see where they might improve their lives even more by way of various spiritual cards, runes, feng shui and more. 

I've taught people how to smudge their home and how to use feng shui tactics to address the negative energy in their homes. Assisting clients in choosing the right crystal stones for them for assisting them with handcrafted products created in making them feel better from teas, to lotions to aromatherapy sprays and candles.

If you have met me in person at my Beacon shop, you may already know how approachable and friendly I am. I am here for you. I use a variety of decks throughout the reading. And of course, you can ask all sorts of questions that you might be seeking guidance on.
Your career, health, love and family, it's all important!

So if you would like to book a live reading or consultation with me, simply choose first the amount of time at bottom, then at top, select the date and time to make your appointment, and finish the checkout process.

I offer 30, 60 & 90 minute consultations. They are mostly done through using the app which is free to download and you can use this app on your smartphone, i-Pad & desktop computer.

So what are you waiting for? Learn what's in your future today. Feed your heart and soul. 


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