Heart and Soul Readings & Consultations - Spiritual Intuitive Angel and Tarot Card Readings.

Spiritual Intuitive Angel & Tarot Card Readings by Leah Quinn

Are you feeling at a lost to what direction you should go with your life? Can't make that difficult decision if you should or not do something?

What about trying to understand what's going on in your life and how you can make it better?

Worried about your future? There are answers that you seek.

You are a special individual, and I will help you to create your own unique intentions that will assist you in manifesting what you want out of life.

Want more love in your life? More money? A better career? You CAN have this, you are allowed to. Let me show you how...

With over twenty years of experience, I am an insightful and sensitive empath who can help you. Many of you know me from my Heart and Soul Apothecary Shop. And now you have the chance to have the readings you have wished for me to offer you.

My consultations and readings are done 'live' over the computer and/or your smart phone. You can schedule a time that's just right for you. 

I also record our session and take photos of the card layouts which I then email to you along with the recording so that you review your reading at a later time.

To book me for a session, choose which type of reading you would like below, simply purchase the appointment and then select your date and time. 

30 Minutes $60.00

60 Minutes $90.00 (best deal)

90 Minutes $130.00 (Savings of $20)


Once scheduled and paid for, you will receive an email from me ( Leah@nyheartnsoul.com ) and I will send you details on how to log in to our scheduled online meeting.

You can use your computer as you will be able to see me and we can talk privately while you ask me your questions. 


Heart and Soul Readings & Consultations - Spiritual Intuitive Angel and Tarot Card Readings.

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Consultations & Readings with Leah Quinn

Consultations & Readings with Leah Quinn

I have helped countless people feel better about themselves. Just ask my clientele.  I've taught people how to smudge their home and how to use feng shui tactics to address the negative...

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