Amethyst Clusters

Product Description

Everyone can use an Amethyst Cluster for their desk and bedroom, I assure you! These lovely Amethyst Clusters are super sweet, are cleansed daily by the sun and are ready to be helping you with your own crystal healing practices. 

Amethysts are known as the healing stone, and is said to help in cell regeneration, to reduce anxieties, reduce inflammation, promotes hormonal balancing, reduces headaches and so much more!

You know Amethysts are your favorite, I get it too, as they are one of my most favorite healing crystals, personally I can't have enough! 

Each cluster averages 2 inches by 1.5 inches. Normally at $21.00 a piece they are sale now for $11 each and ready to be shipped.


$11.00 $21.00

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