Body Scrubs - Glow Naturally

Product Description

We have created two delicious enough to eat body scrubs in helping your skin be its beautiful self at anytime of the year. Lemon Body Scrub and Rose Body Scrub.

Body scrubs are perfect for you after those long hot days of summer to gently exfoliate your skin naturally without those naughty plastic beads other brands use.  Perfect to erase darkened skin at elbows, and easily removes built up skin on feet to leave them soft and carefully pampered.

Our Lemon Body Scrub is designed for younger skin while our Rose Body Scrub is designed for older skin. We will expand our line of body scrubs to include more 'flavors' very soon. But do check out our salt soaks too!

Lemon or Rose Organic Essential Oils are combined with our handcrafted and organic calendula oil and organic refined coconut oil. We also add the cosmetically beneficial Pink Himalayan Salts and Dead Sea Salts with Fair-Trade Organic Sugar creating a most delectable scrub for your entire body. 

To Use: Scoop a little while in the shower or bathtub, and apply to skin and gently rub in circular motions. Rinse skin and pat dry. The healing coconut and calendula oils left behind will gently penetrate your skin softening them up for a ever so smooth touch.

Each jar is 7oz net weight, and shipping weight is 11.5oz. Vegan, Cruelty Free, No Parabens, No Issues!


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