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Need those answers fast? These coaching and consultations sessions are all about you.

Receive the answers that can help you move forward with your goals, be it in your creative career and in your personal life. Learn what is seeking you that you seek. Let's easily find those answers you need today to catapult your life forward.

Which type of coaching and consultation do you need?

Choose from the ones below by reading the descriptions on the various types of coaching I offer. Feel free to message me through Facebook if you have any questions to help you choose which one would be right for you and your needs. 

After deciding, simply choose your date and time on my interactive schedule and follow through the check out process to receive confirmation of your appointment with me.

Each of these sessions are private and are geared only around you and your needs. Ask those questions away at me, so we can get right down to those details you need to move forward.

What happens Next?

You will receive a email upon confirmation of your choice of scheduled date and session with a link to use for our private one on one session, as these are held online using the Zoom software platform.

Zoom allows us to speak & see one another in real time, we can also share screens so that I can see your work on your computer screen or visa-versa where needed in some of the consultations.

You can download the Zoom app for free here: This app can be used on your smartphone, desktop and tablet including the i-Pad.

Choose Which Consultations & Coaching Session
You Want today:

Creative Career Coaching:
Feeling a bit lost as to where you should take your creative direction next? Let's sort that all out. From accountability to finding a clearer road to take for concentrating in getting you the success you need. Let's create affirmations that are perfect for just you and your needs.

Holistic & Wellbeing Consultation:
In finding guidance on your holistic health and wellbeing, this is a fab consultation to better learn what plants and herbs can assist you specifically with bettering your healing and wellbeing needs.

Portfolio Reviews & Assistance:
Want to help make your portfolio just pop? Let's do a live review of all your social media and website/portfolio images. See which ones really make your art reflect where you want to take your career. 

POD (Print on Demand) Coaching:
Are you new to Print on Demand and want to take it further? In this coaching session, you can learn just the things you need to move forward with embedding your artwork on products, figure out solutions to those tech issues you may be having, and learn how to integrate POD onto your ecommerce platforms. From shipping costs, how to use Google shopping and other sales channels to how to price your products so they can bring you income.

Spiritual Consultations with Card Readings:
These consultations are for your spiritual growth using a variety of tools from angel decks to tarot cards and rune stones. Learn about creating affirmations that are in alignment with your life's goals and see what the cards have in store for you.

Shopify Consultation:
Need assistance in migrating to Shopify? Coming from Etsy or Wix or even Wordpress? Need to learn how to migrate your products easier? This coaching session answers just those technical questions you may need assistance on, to get your new online shop running smoothly.

Website Development:
Switching platforms? New to Shopify? Don't understand how to enter codes or embed your products? This coaching sessions is super for those tricky web issues you are trying to get around on. Let my web guru expertise assist you in making running your website easier and faster.

So let the creativity begin, and let's jump start your creative career and life so you move forward today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A Life Changing Voice of Clarity

I’ve worked with Leah professionally for years, both for my business and as a wellness coach. On both fronts her guidance has been critical, clarifying and transformative. She patiently showed me how to build and manage my Shopify page, made many suggestions to improve results etc. in my personal life she has helped guide me with Tarot and spirit cards, understanding many aspects of my life and suggesting tools for wellness like meditation techniques and herbal supplements. She has become a constant supporting resource for me in my professional and personal journeys.

Positivity and love abound!

I love working with Leah. While I typically work with her for spiritual guidance, I can see how she could benefit my life in a consultative manner, as well. She has a gift for pointing me in the right direction and the work I have done with her on affirmations and gratitude statements have made a big difference in my life. Leah's love of her work and gift shines through in the most positive manner and I always leave my readings with her feeling uplifted and ready for a new day.

Amazing experience....time and time again

Leah is an amazing spiritual advisor to me. She has a beautiful soul and is easy to connect with. I had a great experience the very first time we connected. My reading was positive and so much more than a "typical" reading. She is very intuitive and insightful. I highly recommend her services. Definitely k knows what she is doing! Give her a try. You won't be disappointed