Organic Essential Oil Blends

Product Description

What Makes Our EO Blends So Very Special?

Our EO Blends are carefully created one bottle at a time in small batches. We measure each and every organic essential oil personally that goes into making up our delightful blends created to assist in your health and well being.

What more, is that we insist on using only the highest grade possible of 100% pure certified organic essential oils to create our unique blends. These blends are not diluted in anyway and are perfect for use in your sonic diffusers and other aromatherapy practices.

Each essential oil blend is bottled in a 10ml dark blue glass aromatherapy bottle with a tamper resistant seal as well as a orifice reducer (whereby you can add drops as you like to your diffusers without the need for an eye dropper.)

Heart and Soul Essential Oil Blends & Descriptions:

Beacon Woods - A grounding blend with hints of exotic spices such as Juniper Berry, Rosemary and Nutmeg among room cleansing Lavender and Cedarwood make for a most delightful blend.

Faith - A gentle blend of essential oils including spiritual myhhr and rose to help bring hope into your space and home. Use when you are not feeling sure about things, or need answers from things - indulging in this blend will help you have more faith in your own resolves. 

Grateful AbundanceDesigned to help bring more prosperity and abundance into your life while also bringing more gratefulness for the abundance in your life. Very grounding and spiritually uplifting. Delicious notes of serene Bergamot, grounding Cedarwood and uplifting Lemongrass among a few other essential oils helps make this one of our biggest customer favorites. *Please note that at times, an extra week delivery might be needed as we fill orders coming in.

Intelligence: This is for the student in your life. Great to use in the room when you need to remember all those anatomy charts for the exam or for when you are deep in writing your thesis. This blend helps to keep your brain bright and alert to learning. 

Lavender Relaxing ChiOne of very first blends we created and a popular signature blends loved by many! From the very beginning of opening our shop, our Relaxing Lavender Chi has become to be one of our customer's favorites. The grounding cedarwood, anxiety-relieving lavenders and soothing clary sage help make this one a great winner! Spas, Reflexologists, Reiki Masters & Massage Therapists love using this product while helping their clients.

ReassuranceA warm loving blend of rose, with a bit of patchouli and a few other exotic essential oils makes anyone feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Very romantic and feminine. Perfect for when you need that extra feeling of a little love in your life, this blend will warm your senses.

Stress Release - This calming blend has what seems like a little bit of everything - but man it does it's job! Put a few drops of this uplifting yet calming blend in your diffuser and you will notice a difference in your space in no time flat! 

ThievesA great known blend to use when a person in the household becomes sick. Known combinations of essential oils that are antiviral make this a big hit with homeopathic healers, alternative health gurus and those who wish to help 'clean' the air in and around the home, naturally.

Vavoom ZenOur second signature blend we created when we first opened delights the senses with its eucalyptus and peppermint. Great to use when one is congested with the flu or colds in helping to open up airways and to make breathing easier essential oils. 

Wondrous - One of our newest blends gaining popularity. The hints of citrus essential oils joined with loving patchouli and lavender make for a delight for one's homes. Makes for a clean smelling p.s., if you love the smell of our Wonder Salve, you'll recognize the smell you came to love with our Wondrous EO blend.

Zen MeditationAn exotic mix of frankincense, myrrh, clove and sandalwood rare among the essential oils in this blend designed to really helps one to connect to spirit while meditating. Spas and Yoga centers find this blend very helpful. 

Zen Sleepvetiver, vanilla, and lavender are among the organic essential oils used in making this blend to help one go to the land of nod and to sleep restfully throughout the night. Shake before use to mix the essential oils as both vetiver and vanilla are quite viscous. 


Live Life Organically, It's Only Natural™

We're your little shop around the corner, your modern day New Age boutique with an organic twist for the millennium. It also smells really nice in least that's what our customers keep telling us. 



"When I first opened up my Heart & Soul shop, I never knew it would become the beloved career I've come to love and that I'd be creating organic products that customers would so enjoy and love to use every day.
It's been my mission, to help support my community in providing a local resource in offering holistic and alternative health products that may help heal them and make them feel better. I have always enjoyed helping people. And sometimes, you simply have to listen and act upon to that inner calling. It will do the world some good!" - Leah Quinn 

Founded back in 2012, Heart & Soul answered that inner calling of mine to support our organic-loving community with artisan hand-crafted, reiki-charged organic and all natural and holistic products & services. I had one goal in mind: be true to my heart and soul with anything I produced and curated to offer at my shop. This still is very true today.

Hi, I'm Leah, the owner of Heart & Soul. I am also an artist, designer, chef and organic gardener. Being creative everyday while helping people be and become the best they can be is a true joy. I love to educate and share my art in its many forms with the world.

What's It Like To Work Here?

Working here is just half the fun. I adore making new products and doing the research for just the right combination of essential oils and raw ingredients to create unique and luxurious line of body care products, teas, spices and herbal oils.

My products are crafted in small batches ensuring the highest quality and are designed to help assist you in your healing and in becoming your best healthiest self.

Plus I do have loads of fun in naming the products, usually with a sense of humor, like 'Tame Your Flame', a natural body spray mist that assists in shortening the duration of one's hot flashes. (P.S. - We have a hard time keeping this in stock - it works!)  Or 'Yo Easy Aunt Flo', our unique essential oil blend that gently reduces those aches and pains associated with the monthly menstruations. I kid you not!

I insist on providing only the best available raw goods for everything I create and produce ensuring each batch is perfectly made with Heart & Soul.

I also make sure every ingredient I resource are 100% certified and fair trade. About 85% all of our raw goods are currently resourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Do You Like to make your own natural body care? I got your supplies!

I help you resource organic and fair-trade goods in making your own herbal recipes as well. Need an ounce of heather or mugwort? Need extra containers to house your lip balms? I have the containers you need.

  • Currently I carry over 90 Herbs
  • 80 organic and therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Carrier oils such as rosehip seed oil and sunflower oil and the like
  • Butters and Waxes
  • Containers For Your Own Products

Heart & Soul's Line of Organic Products:

(needless to say, these are all organic, no parabens, alcohols, phosphates, or naughty ingredients. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan if not vegetarian and never ever tested on animals.) 

  • Spices & Herb Blends for the culinary chef who knows!
  • Apothecary Herbs
  • Loose Leaf Teas for health
  • Essential Oils & Blends (Therapeutic Grade)
  • Massage Oils
  • Aromatherapy Spray MIsts for the Face, Body & Rooms
  • Detox Bath Soaking Salts & Body Scrubs
  • Incense & Smudging Supplies 

Why Choose Heart & Soul Products?

I take great care in finding fair-trade and certified organic ingredients as a base from which I prepare and create my teas, spice blends, apothecary and aromatherapy products because I know you care what goes into your body and onto your body. It matters! 

By careful research and great care to what I put into my artisan crafted goods, I provide natural alternative products that are safe for you, baby, family and of course our loving pets. Oh and they smell really good too!

We use no chemicals, parabens and are products are always 100% alcohol-free. With our first store in Beacon NY, we have now moved to beautiful Bellows Falls, VT in the town of Rockingham. We also sell both online and wholesale to retailers, health care professionals, and more!

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