Organic Essential Oil Blends

Product Description

What Makes Our EO Blends So Very Special?

For one, Our EO Blends are not massed produced but are carefully created one bottle at a time in small batches. We measure each and every organic essential oil personally that goes into making up our delightful blends. What more, is that we insist on using only the highest grade possible of pure therapeutic grade certified organic essential oils to create our unique blends. These blends are not diluted in anyway and are perfect for use in your sonic diffusers and other aromatherapy practices.

With each new 'recipe' blend, Leah, aka our Chef Maven, does her research to create each blend for specific uses and to help soothe and increase one's own healing abilities.  

Each essential oil blend is bottled in a 10ml dark blue glass aromatherapy bottle with a tamper resistant seal as well as a orifice reducer (whereby you can add drops as you like to your diffusers without the need for an eye dropper.)

Essential Oil Blends by Heart and Soul:

Grateful Abundance - Designed to help bring more prosperity and abundance into your life while also bringing more gratefulness for the abundance in your life. Very grounding and spiritually uplifting. Delicious notes of serene Bergamot, grounding Cedarwood and uplifting Lemongrass among a few other essential oils helps make this one of our biggest customer favorites. *Please note that at times, an extra week delivery might be needed as we fill orders coming in. 

Lavender Relaxing Chi - One of our signature blends from the very beginning of opening our shop, our Relaxing Lavender Chi has become to be one of our customer's favorites. The grounding cedarwood, anxiety-relieving lavenders and soothing clary sage help make this one a great winner! Spas, Reflexologists, Reiki Masters & Massage Therapists love using this product while servicing their clients.

Meditation - An exotic mix of frankincense, myrrh, clove and sandalwood rare among the essential oils in this blend designed to really helps one to connect to spirit while meditating. Spas and Yoga centers find this blend very helpful. 

Reassurance - A warm loving blend of rose, with a bit of patchouli and sandalwood makes anyone feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Very romantic and feminine. 

Restful Zen Sleep - vetiver, vanilla, and lavender are among the organic essential oils used in making this blend to help one go to the land of nod and to sleep restfully throughout the night. 

Stress Release - This calming blend has what seems like a little bit of everything

Thieves - A great known blend to use when a person in the household becomes sick. Known combinations of essential oils that are antiviral make this a big hit with homeopathics, alternative health gurus and those who wish to help 'clean' the air in and around the home, naturally.

Vavoom Zen - Our second signature blend we created when we first opened delights the senses with its eucalyptus and peppermint. Great to use when one is congested with the flu or colds in helping to open up airways and to make breathing easier essential oils. 

Update! - Take a look! Holiday Blends For Your Home!

O' Christmas Tree EO Blend: Will remind you of those Holidays of long ago - perfect for those who wish to smell the grounding elements of cedarwood, scotch pine & douglas fir with just a little bit of grapefruit to lighten the senses and overall mood.

Festivus Blend: For the rest of us... This holiday-inspired blend brings to you and your home the delightful aromas of emotional uplifting orange, cloves, spiritual-connecting frankincense and others to bring a calming yet exotic blend to your diffusers. Has a bit of that Pomander Ball feel to it. (Which by the way, we also carry a Pomander Fragrance Blend in our Aromatherapy Candles.)