Live POD (Print on Demand) Webinar Hosted by Leah Quinn, Art Lounge 365

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Thursday October 19th at 11am EDT

Sunday October 22nd at 12pm EDT

With this live seminar you will learn:

  • You will see just how easy it is to really start creating products for sale with your art on the products.

  • See how quickly and how immediately make them available on your website.

  • You will get to see each of these POD companies 'in action' as each company is not necessarily the same.

  • See how these companies work seamlessly with not only Shopify, but how they can also easily embed the POD products right onto your own website.

  • Learn how to easily use the images you create so that you can also immediately start sharing them on your social media channels to help start promoting your art on products (again in real time!)

Bonuses you'll receive for participating in this webinar:

  • Special Playback Link to your webinar. 

  • Special Discount Links and Downloadable PDF Cheat Sheet to better prepare your art files.

And there are other great deals including One lucky special winner from each webinar will receive a one hour private live coaching from me to help you set up your art on your own website! Now how extra cool is that? That's worth $100 right there. 

So choose the date below which best fits your schedule, and you will receive a welcome email to live webinar with a link. I use Zoom software to run my webinars, so you may wish to download the app before you start your webinar.

If you should have any questions about this webinar or other courses I offer, please feel free to email me (Leah) at  

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