White Sage Spray Mist

Product Description

Our White Sage Spray Mist Gets The Job Done!

it's also not your ordinary smudging spray mist.

You see, we make a batch of these every month during the full moon. We actually set out gallons of distilled water to be charged by the full moon. We even add crystals to the distilled water for further cleansing and charging.

Each 2oz blue bottle contains amethysts and clear quartz crystals that have been charged along with the other ingredients by the full moon to further calm and peacefully charge the spray into one strong energy cleansing mist..

Included is also organic essential oils of sage, lemon & peppermint as all three are fantastic is removing negative energy as well. 

How To Use White Sage Mist:

You can use our white sage spray mist on one's self, in any room, office space, your homes, etc.  - where ever you need to 'smudge' for clearing energies and calming static energy that's chaotic. Shake prior to use since essential oils tend to float to the top (they are lighter than water) and we do not use any products to emulsify our spray mists since we wish to keep them as natural as possible.

Our Heart and Soul White Sage Spray Mist is a great alternative to those who wish to smudge without burning white sage leaves or smudge sticks.