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Founded back in 2011, Heart & Soul answered that need to have a local shop that provides organic bulk herbs and raw goods for other artisans and makers to use while also being a local resource for organic teas and spices, crystals, hand-poured candles to crystals.

Hi, I'm Leah, the backbone of Heart & Soul Apothecary. As chief maker, I am an artist, designer, chef and organic gardener. Being creative everyday while helping others be and become the best they can be is a true joy is what I strive for every working day.

A lot has changed since I opened up shop back in 2011, and am incredibly grateful I survived 2020 in more ways than one. Albeit said, 2020 changed us all, on so many levels, it's barely January and still we don't know what just happened.

My Mission for 2021, is to continue to provide you, my local customers, an easier to follow website, with fresh products creating an easier shopping experience than in the past. I will be returning to blogging and will even be vlogging on my new YouTube channel to share with you the life of a maker and designer for the course of 2021.

There are a lot new designer products in the shop now, from new yoga mats, leggings, journals, along with gift cards with lots more in store to come.

I will be offering online courses this year, since we are much 'in a fog' as to when we can all easily visit one another's places of businesses. I have some exciting new refreshed courses coming up, so stay tuned for those which are perfect for starting 2021 on the right foot!



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Why Choose Heart & Soul Products?

I take great care in finding fair-trade and certified organic ingredients as a base from which I prepare and create my teas, spice blends, apothecary and aromatherapy products because I know you care what goes into your body and onto your body. It matters! 

By careful research and great care to what I put into my artisan crafted goods, I provide natural alternative products that are safe for you, baby, family and of course our loving pets. Oh and they smell really good too!

I use no chemicals, parabens and are products are always 100% alcohol-free. With my first store in Beacon NY, we are now located in beautiful Bellows Falls, Vermont in the town of Rockingham.